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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Obama Surrounds Himself With Children To Push Gun Control- Photos Show Hitler Used Kids Too

By Susan Duclos

The Guardian and others report Barack Obama intends to use children as political props as he announces his gun grabbing agenda and use executive orders to bypass Congressional authority.

For those planning to watch Obama's statement as you see the people surrounding him, keep the photos below in mind.

[Update] Screen Cap of Obama using Children as political props. Via @BarbaraWolkins1

Obama uses child props at gun control signing 1/16/13
Photos show that others, in the past have done the same...namely, Hitler.

Click photos to enlarge

The next photo will be added as an update, if Obama sinks low enough to mimic Hitler's tactics as is being reported. [Obama did and photo added at the top of the post]


She Survived Hitler And Now Warns America: 'Then They Took Our Guns"

(Headline changed to reflect that reports were right and Obama did use children as political props)