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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Economy, Jobs, Budget Deficit Top Three Priorities For Americans, Gun Laws in Bottom 4 of 21

By Susan Duclos

According to Pews Public's Policy Priorities for 2013,  what American's see as priorities differ greatly from what Obama has been using his bully pulpit to push.

The top three on the list of priorities for 2013, in order, are the strengthening the economy, improving job situation and reducing the budget deficit. 72 percent see reducing the budget deficit as a priority.

This puts the American public directly on the GOP's side in the upcoming March battle over spending cuts and the fiscal responsibility of balancing the nation's budget.

In his recent speeches, Barack Obama has listed one of his main priorities as gun control and passing more gun laws, but Americans disagree and strengthening gun laws is in the bottom four, coming in 18th out of 21 policy goals tested, with only 37 percent seeing new guns laws as a priority.