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Friday, January 18, 2013

Texas To New York Gun Owners: Come on Down To Texas, Keep Your Guns And Your Money

By Susan Duclos

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has a message for New York gun owners that want to keep their guns, their ammo clips and their hard earned money.... Ya'll are welcome in Texas. (H/T Breitbart on the Reuters article)

Abbott, a possible candidate for governor of Texas in next year's election, used campaign money to buy ads on websites of news organizations in New York City and Albany.

One ad says in classic Western script: "WANTED: Law abiding New York gun owners seeking lower taxes and greater opportunities."

Clicking on the ad leads to a Facebook page touting the virtues of Texas, including the fact that the state has no income tax so "you'll be able to keep more of what you earn and use that extra money to buy more ammo."

Abbott told Reuters the ads are a "way to tweak our liberal friends up in the Northeast."
"It is tongue in cheek, but there is a deeper message here," he said. "Texas really does stand as the last bastion of ultimate freedom in this country. Over the last decade, more than 4 million people moved to this state, and one reason is freedom and one reason is economic opportunity."
Abbott has said he will file a federal lawsuit to throw out any nationwide gun restrictions implemented by Congress.
New York gun owners are now limited by Andrew Cuomo’s new new gun laws, including an expansion of the assault weapon ban already and limits on ammunition capacity.

 Some of the ads  found on Abbott's Facebook page.

PS- Guess this makes Abbott a dangerous, violent, conservative, far right, extremist, because he believes in the constitutional right to bear arms.