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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Video- NRA: 'Media Speaks For Elites, America Speaks For Itself'

By Susan Duclos

Below is the second hard hitting video release from the NRA, who has vowed the "fight of the century" against Obama and liberals' attempt to violate the Second Amendment rights of Americans with gun and ammunition bans.

The first video pointed out that Obama was elitist and hypocritical, causing outrage throughout the liberal blogosphere, because the NRA pointed out that Obama's children rightly receive armed protection while our nations children get "gun free zones." (Video embedded here)

Ironically, the White House's response to the first video said that Obama's children shouldn't be used in a "political fight", and this response came the very same day that Obama surrounded him with other people's children, using them as props in his "political fight" against gun owners.

The second video is longer and shows the Obama's media's push against the NRA as NRA membership soars and more and more counties, cities and states started putting armed guards in or around schools to protect the children attending those schools.


Last week Politico report NRA membership had surged by over 100,000 people, five days later, that number had surged again by an additional 150,000 members, making their growth of a quarter of a million members in a one month period. (Source- US News and World Report)

NRA's "Stand and Fight" page here.