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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Missouri Bill To Protect 2nd Amendment Right Introduced To Block Obama's Executive Orders On Gun

By Susan Duclos


HB-170 Specifies that it shall be lawful to own or manufacture a firearm that remains exclusively within the state. (PDF here)

Via CBS local St Louis:

Today, President Barack Obama will unveil his plans to reduce gun violence and, due to a lack of congressional support, Mr. Obama could fall back on executive orders.

But that’s not sitting well with one Republican Missouri State Representative. Casey Guernsey (R-Bethany) introduced legislation yesterday which he says would stop any executive order.

“It is simply legislation to protect the basic Second Amendment rights given to Missouri citizens in the Constitution to keep and bear arms in their homes,” he said. “The real problem and the real issue and one I found people don’t seem to focus on is the fact that we got an administration willing to cut into our Second Amendment right by executive order which, by view of a lot of people in Missouri that I’ve been talking to over the last couple months, is unconstitutional in and of itself.”

We can expect to see similar bills introduced across the country as well as legal challenges to Obama gun grab agenda by decree aka executive orders.

Wyoming has also introduced legislation which threatens to have any person or persons attempting to enforce any federal gun bans in their state, arrested, jailed and fined. (Wyoming bill embedded here)

 Texas lawmaker has also proposed similar legislation.

Introduced in Texas today, House Bill 553 (HB553), is the Second Amendment Preservation Act.
The bill reaffirms the 2nd Amendment, as intended, and would nullify potentially anything from the federal government that contravenes in the State of Texas.[End Update]

A Kentucky Sheriff has stated his office 'would not comply" with Obama's attack on Second Amendment rights.


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