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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Shooting At Lone Star College- Another Publicly Listed Gun Free Zone

By Susan Duclos

(Headline corrected to better reflect updated information)

Three reportedly injured at the Texas Lone Star College's North Harris campus. Details are sketchy as the media reports from CNN and show, so this will be updated as more news emerges.

Officials in Houston, Texas say that several people have been shot at a local community college.
Investigators with Harris County Precinct 4 tell KPRC News that a shooting occurred at Lone Star College's North Harris campus shortly after 12 noon local time on Tuesday.

Authorities have yet to give a number in terms of subjects or victims, but deputy constables say they have at least one person detained. Additionally, a second person of interest is reported to have fled the scene and police are trying to locate him.

Keep the students and their families in your thoughts.

 Gun Free Zones- A Target Rich Environment

Lone Star College System "Weapons on Premises" page shows that firearms and weapons on system premises are illegal and prohibited.

II.F.1.01 Firearms/Weapons - Illegal
A person shall not knowingly, intentionally or recklessly go onto the physical premises or passenger transportation vehicle of the System with a firearm or any prohibited weapon listed in Penal Code 46.05(a) unless pursuant to written regulation or law, or written authorization of the System.
Violation of this law is a third degree felony. Penal Code 46.05 (See also Section: Student Code of Conduct, Section VI. Students, of Board Policy Manual).
The physical premises of the System means any grounds or buildings owned or leased by the System, including, but not limited to, lots and land under the control of the System, or upon which a System building is located
 Read the rest.

The School itself does have armed police officers. The security guards are unarmed.

From the Lone Star website:

 We employ both commissioned police officers, who have the same powers and abilities as any other police officer, as well as non-commissioned security guards. Our security guards are civilian employees that support the police department by providing extra eyes and ears, and who deal with non-police calls for service, allowing the police officers to concentrate on proactive patrol of the campuses. Police officers wear blue shirts and have badges and shoulder emblems that say “police”. Security guards wear white shirts and do not have badges. Their shoulder emblem and their photo ID cards say “Guard”. Police officers carry department-approved handguns, whereas security guards are unarmed.

No word on whether the presence of the armed police prevented more students from being injured or deaths.

Public policy, posted on the website, still announced a gun free zone.

Guess the shooter didn't read up on their policies before pulling out a gun and shooting.

When are schools across America going to stop putting a huge bulls-eye on the backs of their students by announcing gun free zones?

[Update] ABC News has more details:

The two victims have suffered multiple gunshot wounds, but were conscious when they arrived at Ben Taub Hospital. Both have been taken into surgery in what's being called 'relatively serious condition.' Medical crews could be seen tending to at least three victims outside buildings on campus. It's not yet clear how they may have been injured.

Emergency responders are focused in the area around the campus library and cafeteria. Some students could be seen running from the building. There is no official word on the shooter, but officers are searching a wooded area to the north side of campus, apparently looking for a suspect. One deputy said a command post is being set up north of WW Thorne, north of Aldine Westfield.


 1.) Not one of the reports so far has mentioned the lone Star College Systems Firearm/Weapons on Premises policy which is publicly posted.

2.) If the armed police on campus are the only ones allowed to carry weapons, then whoever the shooter is was carrying, on campus, illegally. Reaffirming the argument in the gun debate raging throughout the country right now, that criminals do not obey the laws.

Developing..... updates being added