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Friday, January 11, 2013

Point Made: Men With Assault Rifles Walk Through Portland To Educate People

By Susan Duclos

Two men strolled through Portland, Oregon with assault rifles strapped to their back, when asked why, one said to educate the public by "Exercising my rights with a rifle to try to decrease the demonizing of peacefully exercising your rights in public."

911 calls ensued by the fearful public, but there are a couple of points to be made about these men, who had concealed carry permits and were not breaking the law since Oregon is an open carry state.

With the Obama administration, liberals and the media, (yes, I know, redundant) constantly trying to demonize guns instead of addressing the problem of mentally ill people that want to kill innocents,  the following  issues have been addressed.

1.) Whether one agrees with their method of educating the public or not, notice that the guns did not jump off their backs and start killing people.

Not one shot was fired, even when police approached the men to speak with them. No one died. No one was injured.

2.) Just because the men owned assault rifles and carried them, did not automatically make them killing machines bent on murdering innocent people.

Warren said he hoped people would approach them and talk to them, instead of calling police.

"What they really should do is observe the person to determine if the person is aggressive," he said of seeing someone with a gun in public. "We're not doing anything threatening to anyone."

Point made.