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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Letter- Two Oregon Sheriffs Tell Biden New Gun Laws Will Not Be Enforced By Them

By Susan Duclos

Not only are state lawmakers pushing back against the Obama administration by introducing laws that would prevent any new laws by the Obama administration which violates Second Amendment rights from being enforced in their states, but elected Sheriffs are also pushing back by saying they will not comply with any enforcement of new gun laws issued by the federal government or issued by Obama by executive order.

Previously a Kentucky sheriff said his office would not comply and now two Oregon Sheriffs have send a letter to Joe Biden saying they also will not enforce any federal regulations that offend the constitutional rights of their citizens.

Linn County Sheriff Tim Mueller and Crook County Sheriff Jim Hensley have both sent the same letter, with their respective locations and names.

Letter found here and text below: (Any errors my own from transcribing the letter from a jpg format)

[Begin Letter]

Dear Mr. Vice President,

I am Sheriff Tim Mueller, elected twice by the citizens of Linn County Oregon who have entrusted me with a noble cause: to keep them and their families safe. My deputies and I take that responsibility very seriously and, like you, have sworn to protect the Constitution of the United States.  I take that oath equally as serious as protecting our citizens. I have worked for the people of Linn County for over 28 years as a member of the Linn County Sheriff's Office as well as serving three years active duty as a Military Police Officer in the US Army, where I also swore a similar oath.

In the wake of the recent criminal events, politicians are attempting to exploit the deaths of innocent victims by advocating for laws that would prevent honest, law abiding Americans from possessing certain firearms and ammunition magazines. We are Americans. We must not allow, nor shall we tolerate, the actions of criminals, no matter how heinous the crimes, to prompt politicians to enact laws that will infringe upon the liberties of responsible citizens who have broken no laws.

Any federal regulation enacted by Congress or by executive order of the President offending the constitutional rights of my citizens shall not be enforced  by me or by my deputies, nor will I permit the enforcement of any unconstitutional regulations or orders by federal officers within the borders of Linn County Oregon.

In summary, it is the position of this Sheriff that I refuse to participate, or stand idly by, while my citizens are turned into criminals due to the unconstitutional actions of misguided politicians.


Sheriff Tim Mueller
Linn County Oregon

[End letter]

PS- If Barack Obama and liberals want to start a civil war in this country..... they will get one.


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