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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Reid Doubtful Assault Weapons Ban Can Pass But Surprised Majority Favor Ability To Carry Guns

By Susan Duclos

Harry Reid spoke to Nevada Week In Review about the gun control vs Second Amendment debate raging across the country after the tragic killings at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Reid made it clear he did not believe there was much possibility of an assault weapons ban passing through Congress. Not only the Republican controlled House of Representatives, but through the Democratically controlled Senate either.

“Is it something that can pass the Senate? Maybe. Is it something that can pass the House? I doubt it

Both TPM and MediaIte show the video of the interview and both headlines focus squarely on Reid's comments about the assault ban being "doomed" and "not likely to pass."

What caught my attention is not what was shown in the video, but a direct quote from Reid shown on the TPM piece:

I was surprised with the poll results that came after this terrible situation that occurred at Sandy Hook. the numbers around the country — most people favor having the ability of people to carry guns...

This is where the disconnect comes into play between liberal politicians, liberal pundits and the rest of America. Reid is surprised that the majority of Americans believe in the right to bear arms because Reid and his ilk blame guns instead of the person that has their finger on the trigger who decides to kill innocents. The majority of Americans blame the person, not the weapon of choice, despite the liberal push and exploitation of tragedies like Sandy Hook to further their ideological agenda to grab guns.

Remember, the deadliest school massacre that happened in the U.S. in Bath, Michigan, 1927,  was not committed by a perpetrator wielding a gun. In fact, not one of the 38 children and seven adults that were brutally murdered, died from a bullet. Not one of the other 58 people injured, were injured by a bullet.

No, the man planted explosives.

Second Amendment supporters, gun rights activists, understand it is not the weapon, it is the person behind the weapon.

This is why there is bipartisan support for background checks to make sure that a person with a history of mental illness or a history of violence, is not allowed to buy a gun.

If liberals would back away from their gun grabbing agenda, stop using tragic deaths of innocents to push for more gun control, they would find that Second Amendment supporters would meet them halfway on ideas that would not violate the constitutional right to bear arms but would help keep guns and other weapons out of the hands of the mentally ill and those with a history of violence.