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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Smoothie Shop Owners Sets Up "Liberal Tax" For Liberal Customers

By Susan Duclos

I truly don't understand why liberals are complaining about George Burnett, owner of
"I Love Drilling Juice and Smoothie Bar," who has different pricing on his healthy products, one set of prices for conservatives and a special "liberal tax" for liberal customers. Why complain? Liberals are all gung-ho on tax. Liberals fight against every spending cut a conservative tries to implement, so they should be more than happy to pay a little extra!


Via Utah:

But there is one thing about Burnett's latest venture that's left some folks with a bitter taste in their mouths.

"I'm very open about it, very public about it, that I'm going to charge them a little bit more, and I have liberals come in and pay the extra dollar surcharge," Burnett said, referring to his unique pricing structure.

Yep, Burnett, the diehard supporter of domestic energy and longtime health food fan, charges those who identify themselves as liberals one dollar more for their drinks. The money, along with any tips received, is donated to conservative causes like The Heritage Foundation.

"And actually all three liberals have been happy to pay it," Burnett said.

Mr. Burnett explains his reasoning:

Burnett said his goal isn't to offend. First, it's to provide people with a healthy product. Second, it's to start a conversation about what he sees as the over-regulation of the energy industry and the continued financial problems facing the United States.

"Really what I'm focused on is the fiscal differences between big government/small government and liberal ways, as far as entitlements and spending," he said. "We have a fiscal problem in this country. We've got to deal with it or we don't have a country, so to kind of help make that point, just a little bit, I charge (liberals) just a little bit more."

Conservative customers like Peterson support Burnett's message and his method.

"For him to do this kind of puts a face out there on people who are, in my opinion, in the wrong. 'In the wrong' being liberals," Peterson said. "To see them being charged a little bit more, it makes me happy."

News report via video below:

Mr. Burnett's Facebook page is here.... . According to the story he has some irate liberals leaving messages on it so we should stop on by and show him some love.