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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Gallup: More U.S. Small Businesses Cutting Workers Than Hiring

By Susan Duclos

The Obama so-called recovery has been taking some serious hits with GDP growth going negative, Obamacare causing healthcare costs to rise, and news that Obama's regulatory spending has cost more than nearly double the cost of 16 years under Bush and Clinton.

Now Gallup reports, "More U.S. Small Businesses Cutting Workers Than Hiring "

The devil is in the details though, meaning their reasoning:

When owners who are not looking for new employees were asked to evaluate eight potential reasons they are not doing so, overall business conditions headed the list as usual, including not needing new employees at this time (with 81% indicating this as a reason), worries that revenues or sales won't justify adding more employees (74%), and worries about the current status of the U.S. economy (66%).

However, 61% of owners pointed to worries about the potential cost of healthcare, 56% to worries about new government regulations, and 55% to worries about cash flow or the ability to make payroll. Thirty-two percent point to it being hard to find qualified employees.

Reminder from a previous post:

The Hill, just three days ago, headlined with "Washington and business brace for an Obama wave of regulation."

Two more headline to round off the economic news.

First one by the AP, report via Fox News Insider: "Weekly Jobless Claims Rise at Higher Rate than Expected."

Second, via Gallup: " U.S. Payroll to Population Rate Drops in January"

No worries, Harry Reid has an idea........ We horrible Republicans have got to stop reporting Obama's failed recovery and the news showing it be worse that we thought.

Liberal's new motto- "The Obama economy, ignore it and it will go away. "

Reid must be going senile.