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Monday, January 14, 2013

Recorded Walmart Call-Rep Refers To 'New Federal Gun Control Act' That Obama Is Getting Ready To Enact

By Susan Duclos

[Update 1/15/13] Photo just sent via Twitter from @johnnyfriegas of "policy changes" effective immediately.

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[Other updates added below the post as more information becomes available]

A call with an alledged Walmart representative has been recorded where the the customer asks whether ammunition will be restocked at Walmarts and is informed by the rep that Walmart will be initiating a "new policy" due to the "Federal Gun Control Act" that "the president is getting ready to enact."

Note- Word alleged added above because even though the electronic instructions recorded in the call  match what you get when you call Walmart, they are now denying this "new policy" and claiming that reports are just "rumor."

The rumor of this has been going around for the last couple of days but no one had been able to confirm it by any official source, just word of mouth and firsthand accounts of people who were asking their local Walmart workers and reporting the answers.

Listen to the call  (H/T CNS News)

No official bill on gun control has been voted on by Congress since the debate started up again after the Sandy Hook massacre, so this "Federal Gun Control Act" must have been discussed in the meeting that Walmart had with White House officials.

This is the first example of a recorded call I have seen to date with Walmart giving a response to the concerns of gun owners trying to find out when and if the shelves at Walmart would be restocked with ammunition.

Confirmation doesn't get any better than hearing it from the horse's mouth, so to speak.

Note- Must read piece "Civil War's A-Brewing"

Wal-Mart Corporate Office and  Headquarters
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Wal-Mart corporate phone number:
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Wal-Mart on Twitter @Walmart

[Update] Many people are reporting that when they call Wal-Mart and mention "ammo" they are being hung up on. Others says they are denying this "new policy" and one Congressman spoke to an exec who told him that the 'rumor is false."

Not one Walmart response, as of now, has addressed their own rep confirming the new ammo policy.

Perhaps Wal-Mart was unprepared for the backlash they are seeing at the moment after this call was recorded.

[Update] Investment Watch blog received a response from Wal-Mart media relations about the recorded call:

Hello, my name is Kory Lundberg with Walmart’s media relations team. Who can I speak with about this story on your site:
This story is not accurate and I would like to talk to somebody about having it corrected.
Thank you, 
We can’t verify the authenticity of the recording on your site, but I can tell you this information is inaccurate. We continue to serve our customers and haven’t made any changes to our overall policies for the sale of ammunition in our stores.

Thank you,

They cannot verify the call but do not deny it was one of their representatives either.

As I said on Twitter earlier, Wal-Mart can easily clear this up with a public statement saying they will be making no changes to their ammo policy. Emailing that they "haven't" made any changes is not the same thing as saying they aren't going to to be changing policy, which is what the representative in the recording above said.


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