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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Video Flashback: Paul Ryan 'We Can Save Medicare'

By Susan Duclos

Romney/Ryan 2012

"The easiest thing for me to do would be to do nothing and just complain. It's time to start rewarding politicians with ideas to solve the country's biggest problems."--- Paul Ryan, April 2011, Kenosha, Wisconsin

Now that Mitt Romney has announced that Paul Ryan is his choice as a presidential running mate, the predictable chorus from the left will start with screams of "Paul Ryan wants to end Medicare"

Back in May 2011, Ryan put those rumors to rest, although it didn't stop liberals from screeching about it in an attempt tagged as "mediscare" where they try to convince the elderly that Paul Ryan would try to take away their benefits.

Ryan addressed these issues in a nearly five minute video which explained what his plan does include and what it does not, highlighting that those on Medicare now and those 55 years old and older, would see no changes under his plan.

The line to remember when all you see is liberals howling that Ryan wants to end Medicare is Ryan's response "We can save Medicare."


Clear, simple explanation with the aid of visuals provided shows the liberal lies for exactly what they are.

H/T on video goes to Michelle Malkin.

[Update] The predictable chorus of Mediscare lies begin.......................

[Update] BONUS VIDEO- Paul Ryan in a metting with Barack Obama, televised, telling him "Hiding Spending Doesn't Reduce Spending."

 (Quick note about the video above... Ryan talks about gimmicks, one of which mentioned in the video is the CLASS ACT accounting, but after that discussion the CLASS Act died, which means the initial CBO scoring became negated. That is just one example of how Ryan was correct when he pointed out "double counting.")

[Last Update to this post] Obama and Ryan have tangled repeatedly before, via Washington Times.

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