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Saturday, August 25, 2012

'2016: Obama’s America' Documentary Outperforming Expectations: Movie Trailers Included

By Susan Duclos

On Thursday, August 23, 2012, Inside Movies reported that the anti-Obama documentary 2016: Obama’s America has grossed$1.2 million out of just 169 theater releases and had then seen "extremely uncharacteristic box office behavior."

You see, normally, when a film’s theater count increases, the amount of money it’s earning in each theater decreases. This is the standard performance pattern for a limited release and follows common supply/demand logic.

Here’s how things have gone for 2016: Obama’s America, though: Three weekends ago, 2016 earned $34,133 out of 10 theaters, which gave it a per theater average of $3,413 — not all that remarkable for a limited release. When it expanded into 61 theaters the next weekend, its per theater average did a funny thing: it jumped up to $5,202. Last weekend, the film experienced an even bigger expansion, into 169 theaters, and again, its per theater average substantially leapt up to $7,365.

Let’s be clear: this almost never happens.
Now, Rocky Mountain Pictures is expanding the anti-Obama documentary into 1,090 theaters this weekend (it will play in 49 out of 50 states — everything but Vermont), and whether or not it continues to raise its venue average, it’s set to make a huge splash at the box office — perhaps about $6 million, which would easily launch it into the Top 10. ...

Two days later, that prediction came true as reports that 2016: Obama’s America, stunned Hollywood by coming in third place because it’s playing in a 1/3 less theaters across North American than the other wide release action movies.

Documentaries typically do not do as well as other types of films, so by the numbers it seems that mainstream America has questions they do not feel have been answered about Barack Obama and unfortunately for Obama, many are choosing to see this film hoping it addresses those questions, just weeks before the November 2012 presidential election.

2016: Obama's America - Trailer Below:

[Update] Bonus Video- 2016 Obama's America Trailer 2