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Friday, August 17, 2012

Obama's Disastrous Polls Numbers on The Economy

By Susan Duclos

Economic issues are named by Americans as the most important problem facing the United States. Those include the economy in general, Unemployment/ jobs, and Federal budget deficit/Federal debt.

At the end of July, Gallup found that 92 percent of Americans named "creating good jobs" as extremely or very important for the next president to prioritize. 87 percent named "reducing corruption in the federal government." 86 percent named "reducing the federal budget deficit."

Thursday, August 16, 2012, Gallup published the results of Approval and Disapproval of Barack Obama's job performance of the issues listed above, which Americans believe are the top issues, and an overwhelming majority of Americans disapprove of the job Obama is doing.

Creating Jobs- 58 percent disapprove and 37 percent approve.
The Economy-  60 percent disapprove and 36 percent approve.
Federal Budget Deficit- 64 percent disapprove and 30 percent approve.

Gallup's Bottom Line:

Nearly six in 10 Americans approve of Obama's handling of terrorism; however, that is where majority approval of the president ends in the current poll. He earns his lowest issue ratings on the economic issue areas tested in the survey, with approval on the federal budget deficit the lowest at 30%, and his approval on the economy not much higher, at 36%.

While Obama's issue ratings are largely unchanged from where they have been over the past year, that stability may be a problem given his overall job approval rating is 45%. Historically, presidents who won a second term had near-50% job approval ratings or better prior to the election. To move closer to that range, Obama may want to focus singularly on raising his approval rating on the economy, as with previous presidents it seems to have been the issue approval most closely linked to overall job approval.

Good advice but Obama isn't focusing on economic issues, he is too busy trying to distract with Mitt Romney's taxes, the same thing he did in 2008 to Hillary Clinton.

It worked then because Obama didn't have a record, he does now.