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Friday, August 17, 2012

For The Crushing Ladies Out There, Paul Ryan Shirtless Photo Revealed

By Susan Duclos

Evidently the day Mitt Romney announced his vice presidential running mate, August 11, 2012, National Google related search terms showed Paul Ryan "Shirtless" as the number two top rated searches done on him.

The only that kept showing up under that search was a photo from a couple years ago in a post-gym pose-down with P90X creator Tony Horton.

Well, TMZ searched harder and found one from earlier, before he started using the  P90X.

So, for the crushing ladies out there that have been so anxious to see Paul Ryan without a shirt, here you go! ABC News calls it an Internet sensation.

Since we are having a little fun with the cutie, make sure to bookmark others who are having some fun.... "Hey Girl, It's Paul Ryan"

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