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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Greg Lewis: Obama’s Pre-Election Panic

By Susan Duclos

Just a point and tease to the latest Greg Lewis piece over at The New Media Journal:

 It’s becoming clear that Barack Obama will do anything to buy, cajole, intimidate, and otherwise finagle to get another four years as Dictator-in-Chief of the United States.

Anything but govern, that is.

He hasn’t spent measurable time doing any of the constitutionally-defined presidential duties since November of last year, when he began a never-ending campaign swing through many battleground states. Obama’s dereliction of presidential duty includes his not not deigning to consult with Congressional leaders regarding important legislative issues, failing to have a single meeting with his jobs council in more than six months, and neglecting to visit our ally Israel on a recent junket regarding what we might do in the face of a Middle East that is rapidly descending into chaos, in no small part because of our own president’s “leading from his behind” on foreign policy.

Now he’s paddling as fast as he can to avoid going over the political waterfall looming directly ahead of him before the election.

If he loses in November, he’ll doom his chances of keeping a promise he made implicitly to the many dictatorships with whose leaders he curries favor. Obama gave us a hint of this when he whispered to Russian president Dmitri Medvedev to tell Russian president-elect Vladimir Putin that after the election he (Obama) would have “more flexibility” and would make concessions on the U.S. missile defense plan when he no longer had to face the electorate.

Here are some of the things Obama’s accomplished while facing re-election. In the face of an economy ready to implode, Obama has taken these important steps to stave off financial disaster:

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