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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Why Do Libs, Obama Surrogates Hate Children? VA Dems Vote Against Lengthy Sentences For Child Rapists

By Susan Duclos

Since Democrats are attempting to tie the  Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and the whole Republican party to Todd Akin's boneheaded "legitimate rape" idiocy by declaring that Akin somehow represents all conservatives, then it is only fair and consistent that liberals and Barack Obama be treated to the same standard, right?

With this in mind, will Obama denounce Virginia Democrats as Romney denounced Akin's remarks?

Several Obama surrogates in Virginia opposed a popular law that ensures lengthy prison sentences for child rapists.

In March, the Virginia state legislature overwhelmingly passed a law that imposed automatic life sentences for any adult convicted of raping a child under the age of 13. The issue received scant attention and even less debate, according to Delegate Rob Bell (R.,Charlottesville), the bill’s sponsor.

“More than half of all rapes in Virginia are to children under 13,” he said. “In the past two years we had 228 offenders, only 10 got life sentences. They were appallingly short.”

Twenty-one state senators and delegates, all Democrats, voted nay on the bill, including a handful of prominent Obama supporters.

Opponents of the law visited the White House on at least 17 occasions, according to White House logs. Many are organizing for Obama in the highly charged race to capture Virginia’s 13 electoral votes. Sen. Louise Lucas, the Obama surrogate who claimed Romney’s surge in Virginia lay in “racism,” Delegate Mamye BaCote, a leading member of VA Women for Obama, and five members of the Obama campaign’s Truth Team voted against the strict punishments.

If liberals and Democrats can accuse Republicans of "hating women" because of Akin's remarks, then my headline is entirely consistent with that standard, so I ask again:

Why do liberals, Democrats and Barack Obama hate children?