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Friday, August 31, 2012

Media Disrespects An 82 Yr Old Living Legend, Clint Eastwood, For Mocking Obama- Go To Hell Media

By Susan Duclos

Clint Eastwood spoke at the 2012 Republican Convention, his speech video and transcript can be found HERE.

The media, not having a sense of humor when it comes to their love child, Barack Obama, is full of criticisms, calling his speech rambling, but the audience loved him, cheered him, treated him with the respect an 82 year old living legend deserved.

The best take down of the media's idiocy and lack of being able to handle a joke about their hero, Obama, comes from John Nolte:

All I can say in response is: Go to hell you Obama-shilling crybabies. Eastwood showed more grit and honestly in those few minutes than you water carriers have during your entire propaganda-for-the-collective careers.
What Eastwood did tonight was funnier, fresher, edgier,  and braver than anything those comedy cowards Chris Rock, Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert have done in 15 years.
82 years-old, and Dirty Harry is still pissing all the right people off.
My hero.

Nolte also rightly points out that Eastwood not only had the crowd eating out of his hand, but he reminded the country of one basic fact that Liberals, Obama and Democrats and the liberal media really doesn't want America to rememer.

From the transcript of Eastwood's remarks:

Something that I think is very important. It is that, you, we -- we own this country.
We -- we own it. It is not you owning it, and not politicians owning it. Politicians are employees of ours.
And -- so -- they are just going to come around and beg for votes every few years. It is the same old deal. But I just think it is important that you realize , that you're the best in the world. Whether you are a Democrat or Republican or whether you're libertarian or whatever, you are the best. And we should not ever forget that. And when somebody does not do the job, we got to let them go.

You don't disrespect an 82 year old just because you don't like his message. My parents always taught me to respect my elders whether I agreed with them or not. Disagree with the message but don't disrespect the man.

[Update] An additional thought- If the media, or liberals think for one second that the voters out there old enough to remember Eastwood's early career are going to appreciate for one second the tacky, classless way they are treating him, they are even more deluded than I thought. [End Update]

[Update #2] The Morning Spew has managed to capture the essence of Eastwood's brilliance:

In less than fifteen minutes, Eastwood  managed to entertainingly address many of the major failings of the Obama administration.  That alone was impressive, but more importantly was the way Clint, using a hilarious delivery combined with deadpan serious criticisms of the Obama administration, manages to address those whom I like to call the ”prodigal voters.”  Prodigal voters are  those voters who were enticed by Obama’s promises of “hope and change” and “yes, we can,” and other absurdities.  Prodigal voters are not necessarily traditional swing voters who tend vote on issues and facts, but rather those 2008 Obama  who voted based upon their heartfelt emotions.  Eastwood understands this, he masterfully seeks them out and beckons them back to the Republican fold, no matter what their party affiliation.  He  directly interacts with them in a playful, personal way and squarely hits his mark with his oratorical fatted calf – no hard feelings,  we’re just happy to have you back.

What is most humorous is that by presenting in a seemingly unscripted manner, Eastwood masterfully uses his craft to interact with all voters in a playful, personal way.  His performance caught the liberal main stream media off guard because they didn’t understand the intent of his speech, and so in their haste to destroy all things Romney, they’ve dutifully trashed Eastwood’s appearance.  What the liberal pundits do not realize (yet) is that by trashing Mr. Eastwood speech, they have simply helped to bring more attention to Eastwood’s message: Obama must go.

Well-played, Mr. Eastwood, well-played, indeed.

Clint Eastwood has won 4 Oscars. Another 126 wins and 86 nominations and has been entertaining Americans from 1955 to 2012, see IMDB history of Eastwood's career.

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Now I will admit there is one thing Clint Eastwood shouldn't have done in his career, no not the Chrysler thing, but he really, really shouldn't have talked to the trees!


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