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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Republican National Convention Releases New Video, "Switchers"

By Susan Duclos

Lifelong democrats that supported Barack Obama are now supporting Mitt Romney.

WATCH their stories and see why:

AD FACTS: Script for "Switchers"

WOMAN: "I'm a lifelong Democrat that supported Barack Obama's election in 2008. I
caucused for him and went to the rallies and even donated to his campaign."

MAN 1: "Yes, I had high hopes for President Obama like all the other millions of people that
voted for him. It didn't turn out that way."

MAN 2: "Everything that he promised he wasn't going to do he did - and then some. And that to
me is, sort of, unforgivable."

MAN 1: "We didn't get hope and change. We got deficit and unemployment."

WOMAN: "We used to have 13 employees and now we're down to 7. And we've made all
kinds of cuts at the office."

MAN 2: "There's no support for business. There's no desire for businesses to grow jobs."

WOMAN: "Places across the street from us are empty and they have been for a long time."

MAN 1: "We lost millions of jobs, shipped over to China and Taiwan and the Philippines."

MAN 2: "People are just scared. And what's the solution? Have you heard anything in four

MAN 1: "Mr. Obama has run this country down in deficit so bad and unemployment so high--
$16 trillion. And I don't want my son and my grandkids paying for that deficit."

WOMAN: "As the co-owner of a small business, I'm not supporting Barack Obama this
time because I just don't see things getting better. I'm very concerned about the debt, the

MAN 1: "I do not like Obamacare because it's going to hurt millions of people and put people
out of work."

WOMAN: "I'm supporting Mitt Romney because I think he's a great businessman, and that he's
turned businesses around. I like that he's turned the Olympics around."

MAN 2: "A Republican governor in a liberal state like Massachusetts, the fact that a guy could
get anything done in that environment shows me leadership."

MAN 1: "I think things will get a lot better if Mr. Romney is elected."

MAN 2: "You need a guy like Mitt Romney who can come in there, who can lead, who can put
forth some policies that make sense, and quite frankly just do something."

WOMAN: "I'd like to have a successful person in the White House. I think he'll just do a really
good job getting things done."

MAN 2: "He's created a lot of jobs. He's managed budgets. He knows how to fix things that are
broken. This economy and this country certainly need some fixing."

MAN 1: "No, I'm not going to vote for President Obama this time around."

MAN 2: "I voted for Barack Obama in 2008. I'm definitely voting for Mitt Romney in 2012."