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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Do Democrats Really Want To Spotlight Abortion Fight? Obama And Infanticide

By Susan Duclos

After Todd Akin's idiotic remarks, Democrats jumped into action, attempting to tie Republicans and Mitt Romney to Akin, but is a full discussion on abortion really a place they want to go?


TWS: "Audio: Obama Says "That Fetus or Child" Was "Just Not Coming Out Limp and Dead"

TWS: " Video of Obama expressing his support for third-trimester abortion-on-demand.

NRO- "Obama’s Infanticide Votes"

From Wake up America in 2008:

On March 30, 2001, Barack Obama explained his opposition to "Born Alive" On the Illinois Senate floor. (Page 85 to 87 of PDF file)

In 2002, it was bill number 1662 and again Obama gave his verbal opposition on the floor of the Illinois Senate on April 4, 2002 (pages 31 to 34 of PDF file) and then he voted "no" the same day.

In 2003, it was bill 1082 and the Democrats had taken control of the Illinois Senate in 2002, so the bill was sent to the Health & Human Services Committee, which was chaired by Barack Obama.

You can see the action docket for that bill for the year of 2003, right here.

In October of 2007, Obama voted against banning partial birth abortions.

NRO 2008- " Why Obama Really Voted For Infanticide."

Conservatives wanted this discussion in 2008, bottom line here is that if Democrats want an open, complete discussion on abortion.... bring it on!

Expect conservatives to also tap into the religious liberty violations from the Obama administration while we are at it.