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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ruling Embedded- Judge Upholds Voter ID Law In Pennsylvania

By Susan Duclos

Short and sweet.

Petitioners'  Application for Preliminary Injunction is DENIED

Robert Simpson, a commonwealth court judge refuses to grant an injunction on Pennsylvania's new voter identification law that was approved earlier this year by the State Legislature and signed into law in March by Governor Tom Corbett.

The law requires voters produce photo identification before casting ballots.

Democrats attempted to argue that  the law unfairly targets minorities, college students and others.

The judge rejects that argument.

[Update] The judge confirmed what conservatives have been saying consistently, the law is neutral, nondiscriminatory and applies equally to all voters. [End Update]

Reminder: Washington Post poll found 74 percent of Americans believe photo ID should be required to vote to prevent voter fraud.

Via ABA Journal:

In his 70-page memorandum opinion (PDF), Simpson wrote that those challenging the law "did not establish ... that disenfranchisement was immediate or inevitable."

"I am not convinced any of the individual petitioners or other witnesses will not have their votes counted in the general election," Simpson opined.

Ruling embedded below:

Pennsylvania Voter ID Ruling