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Monday, August 27, 2012

Birthers Are Voters Too... At Least They Are Alive, Walk On Two Legs And Are Here Legally

By Susan Duclos

For those that are not aware of this, Mitt Romney told a joke the other day, one which had everyone talking......errrr... some howling and others screaming raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacism!!!

"Now I love being home in this place where Ann and I were raised, where both of us were born. Ann was born in Henry Ford Hospital. I was born in Harper Hospital.

No one's ever asked to see my birth certificate. They know that this is the place that we were born and raised."

The crowd was amused as you can hear from the laughter and applause in the video below:

Liberals, Barack Obama and Obama supporters were not amused, which in turn, amused Conservatives.

Conservative entertainment value aside, Mitt Romney has said and continues to say "I've said throughout the campaign and before, there's no question about where he [Obama] was born. He was born in the U.S."

Romney is not a birther, but, with that little joke, acknowledging that there are so-called birthers, who do question Obama's birth place, Romney may very well have won over a few voters.

Yes, Birthers, if over 18 years old,  are  possible voters too.

In a race that many pundits think will be very close, why shouldn't Romney go for every voters he can, while still maintaining that he, Romney, firmly believes Obama was born in the U.S?

 At least the voters Romney is going after are alive, legally here and able to vote.

Republicans have been fighting for voter ID laws to prevent illegals, dead people and animals from voting. Democrats, including the Obama administration have been fighting those laws vehemently.

Some examples below.

Dead Voters

Audit: Dead people and prisoners recorded as voting in Michigan

The review found more than 1,300 deceased people were recorded as having voted during the audit period. .....

Mississippi NAACP leader sent to prison for 10 counts of voter fraud

...She was also convicted of voting in the names of four dead persons: James L. Young, Dora Price, Dorothy Harris, and David Ross.

Illegal Voters

Judge refuses to block Florida voter purge

The U.S. Department of Justice sued the state to halt the purge, arguing it was going on too close to a federal election.

U.S. District Judge Robert Hinkle said Wednesday that there was nothing in federal voting laws that prevent the state from identifying non-U.S. citizens even if it comes less than 90 days before the Aug. 14 election.

Hinkle ruled that federal laws are designed to block states from removing eligible voters close to an election. He said they are not designed to stop states from blocking voters who should have never been allowed to cast ballots in the first place.

Gov. Rick Scott praised Hinkle's decision, saying "irreparable harm will result if non-citizens are allowed to vote."


Duncan' the dog now a registered voter

A fake utility bill and a paw print was all it took for one Federal Way woman to register her dog to vote. Now King County Elections is under fire for what this woman calls a "broken system".

It may all sound like a joke, but Jane Balogh says she wanted to prove a serious point. If her dog can get a voter registration ballot, what's stopping others from voting illegally in our elections?
Dead Animals

Pets, dead people sent voter registration forms

The voter registration form arrived in the mail last month with some key information already filled in: Rosie Charlston's name was complete, as was her Seattle address.

Problem is, Rosie was a black lab who died in 1998.

A group called the Voter Participation Center has touted the distribution of some 5 million registration forms in recent weeks, targeting Democratic-leaning voting blocs such as unmarried women, blacks, Latinos and young adults.

But residents and election administrators around the country also have reported a series of bizarre and questionable mailings addressed to animals, dead people, noncitizens and people already registered to vote.

Brenda Charlston wasn't the only person to get documents for her pet: A Virginia man said similar documents arrived for his dead dog, Mozart, while a woman in the state got forms for her cat, Scampers.

"On a serious note, I think it's tampering with our voting system," Charlston said. "They're fishing for votes: That's how I view it."

Every presidential election cycle brings with it a variety of registration drives targeting people who typically are underrepresented at the polls, and Republicans have long seized on sloppy or questionable registrations as a sign of potential fraud on the part of Democrats.

The examples are non-ending, all one has to do is a simple Google search.

The point is, there is nothing wrong with Mitt Romney appealing to the small segment of the electorate considered birthers, while maintaining he is not one, at least they are legitimate voters.

Beats the hell out of the segment of dead, illegal and four legged fraudulent "voters" that Obama, Democrats and Liberals are trying to appeal to by fighting tooth and nail against voter ID requirements.

[Update] Comment from T from Mass.
next thing you know it'll be a dead pet that illegally crossed the border!