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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Biden Is Not A Liability To Obama, Obama Is A Liability To The Democratic Presidential Ticket

By Susan Duclos

Vice President Joe Biden is entertaining to conservatives on multiple fronts. They watch him to see what his latest greatest gaffe will be. They have a little fun for a few days after he spews a good one, then a couple more amusing themselves with Team Obama's defending Biden's gaffes, but all in all, Biden is gaffe prone, everyone knows, entertainment and a little humor is about all he brings to the Obama ticket.

He isn't a liability despite constant talk as to whether Obama should replace Biden on the Democratic presidential ticket in 2012.

Obama's gaffes on the other hand, are lasting, resonating throughout the country as evidenced by his last big one, over a month ago, with the "You didn't built that" remark, which even in context of the complete statement simply makes it worse.

From signage in store windows saying "I Built This Business" in Oregon, to caterers at Obama events in Iowa wearing T-shirts saying "Government didn’t build my business. I did."

Signs outside of businesses in Oklahoma saying "We' Built This Business Without Gov't. Help. Obama Can Kiss Our Ass'. I'm Bob Roggendorff and I Approve This Message."

Another in Georgia, same wording but it was  Ray Gaster, from Gaster Lumber and Hardware, who approved the message.

A business owner in Virginia refusing to cater an event for Joe Biden, citing Obama's "you didn't built that" remarks as his reasoning. 

The man who turned Biden's people down, is receiving an overwhelmingly positive response and business, to the point where he ran out of food!

Texas, Nevada, Virginia, Ohio.... The " I/We Built This" response is sweeping through the country, big and small businesses, mom and pop operations, all expressing offense and anger at Obama's apparent disdain for the hard work that goes into to starting, growing and running a business by implying that other people or government deserves some of the credit.

Then we get to Obama's disapproval numbers which are skyrocketing, his events and/or rallies lackluster and more bad economic news is coming out every week.

Biden isn't a liability to Obama's presidential ticket, Obama himself is the liability to the Democrats' presidential ticket, his own reelection campaign and to Democrats across the country in their own campaigns.

Joe Biden is nothing more than a scapegoat so if Obama loses in November he can blame Biden's gafficity. (Yes, that is a made up word!)