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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Joe Biden Vs Paul Ryan: Sexism And Humor- One For The Ladies!

By Susan Duclos

A little humor and sexism for the ladies since the majority of time feminists get annoyed when pundits talk about how a woman dresses, her makeup, her shoes or her body.

Biden Vs Ryan, hot bod contest!

Compare Joe Biden

With Paul Ryan

Contrast Joe Biden

To Paul Ryan

[Update] Found another for Biden!!!!

That has been the sexist portion of this post..... below is the humor, YouTube video of Joe Biden's Greatest Gaffes (Uploaded less than 24 hrs ago, so it includes his latest greatest)


At least Mitt Romney doesn't have to worry about muzzles and leashes every time Paul Ryan speaks in public (or a hot mic!)

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Back to regularly scheduled political programming now........................