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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Business Owner Hangs Sign: 'We' Built This Business Without Gov't. Help. Obama Can Kiss Our Ass'

By Susan Duclos

Barack Obama and Joe Biden's tour around the country is grabbing a lot of attention, but not quite the attention they want.

Last week a business owner in Oregon was interviewed after he was assaulted for posting a sign in his store window that said:

Hey Obama
you had nothing to do with it.
You incompetent lousy excuse
for a president.

Yesterday, we saw a caterer for Obama's Iowa visit wearing a T-Shirt that said "Government didn’t build my business. I did."

Then another business owner who refused to cater for Joe Biden's visit in Virginia because of Obama's "you didn't built that" remarks.

Both of those instances were written about  at Wake up America in a prior piece, found HERE.

Now, H/T to Gateway Pundit, we see a business owner in Oklahoma, who is a little more outspoken, so to speak, and has hung a sign that says "We' Built This Business Without Gov't. Help. Obama Can Kiss Our Ass'. I'm Bob Roggendorff and I Approve This Message."

[Update] Mr. Roggendorf isn't the only one with the sign above. Mr. Ray Gaster, from "Gaster Lumber and Hardware" in Savannah Georgia, has the same "Kiss My Ass" message for Obama: (H/T Give is Liberty 1776)

Florida business owners for Romney holding up signs, T-shirts created, bumper stickers, yard signs, etc.... all shows that this is still resonating all across America.

Related  earlier WuA piece "Liberals Don't 'Get' Why Obama's Full "You Didn't Built That" Remarks Are So offensive."

Liberals might not be getting it, but business owners across the country sure are.