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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Interesting Midterm Projection Descriptions: Wipeout!!!

The Hill has issued it final round of in battleground states and it is as devastating to Democrats as the last three rounds were, with The Hill headlining last night's report with "Midterm blowout: 50 or more Dem seats set to fall in the election."

Republicans are headed for a blowout election win that seems certain to seize more than enough seats to knock out the Democrats and take control of the House.

The Hill 2010 Midterm Election poll, surveying nearly 17,000 likely voters in 42 toss-up districts over four weeks, points to a massive Republican wave that, barring an extraordinary turnaround, will deliver crushing nationwide defeats for President Obama’s party.

The Hill headline isn't the only interesting descriptor for projected Democratic losses, with handicappers using much more dramatic ones, such as the non-partisan Stu Rothenberg from The Rothenberg Political Report, via CQ Politics, who says "House Democrats face the potential of a political bloodbath the size of which we haven’t seen since the presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt."

Charlie Cook from The Cook Political Report states "The midterm maelstrom pulling House Democrats under shows no signs of abating, if anything it has intensified. Whereas fewer than a third of Democratic Senate seats are up for election, House Democrats are suffering the full violence of this national undertow."

Cook also calls the Democratic loss of control of the House of Representatives "inevitable" and says it "seems set in stone."

Previously we have seen the term hurricane, tsunami and tidal wave, just to name a few, to describe midterm projected losses for Democrats and it seems the terminology is getting even more descriptive.

Here is another- WIPEOUT

Great, now that beat will be in my head all day. Worse yet, I did it to myself!!