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Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Crystal Ball’s Final Calls; GOP +55 House; GOP +8 Senate

Handicapper Larry J. Sabato issues his final predictions for the House and Senate.

GOP +55 House; GOP +8 Senate

Personally I think the GOP will take a few more than that, but the GOP needs only 39 to take control of the House of Representatives and strip the gavel of Speaker of the House right out of Nancy Pelosi's grubby hands.

While 8 falls two short of taking control of the Senate, as reported earlier, Sharron Angle is now ahead of Harry Reid in the polls for the Nevada Senate seat and if she wins, no more Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid either.

Having control of one of the congressional chambers is enough to stop Barack Obama's agenda from being rubber stamped and jammed through Congress to become unpopular laws.