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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dems Poised To Steal? Oh No!

Let's start with this short vid, also available on the Atlas Shrugs link later.

Whoo! Strong words for a Man with no backbone. Did I just capitalize Man? But, this is not un-expected, actually welcomed, if the word can get out. There is the problem! Getting the word out that the dealer is a cheat! Well, on to the story.

"Consider this, our soldiers are being denied their right to vote while they lay down their lives for us in the bloody war waged by the Islamic jihad, but the votes of felons and convicts count -- as do the those of the homeless (whose benches are registered as their homes). But not our soldiers. And the Demoncrats do this every election."

And I might add, by me: Dead People Can Vote Too! (as long as they vote Democrat)
You can read it here:

In the Old West, I would have simply called you, out as a cheater, and settled it in a Manly way. I'da popped a cap in your ass! Seems all of that is forgotten, and a large part of America does not hear, or care, or fear, that anything bad can happen. After all, we won 2 World Wars for the World! Maybe so. But Progressives have a habit, of changing History, (as it is told, not as in reality), to suit their needs and wants. Cheating comes natural.

Will any of this matter 6 days from now? Will the cheating change the election? I do not think so, but the possibility exists, and you should know about it. So there, you have been told.

An hour from now, I'll change my Facebook profile picture from 6 to 5. I chose pictures that kids can color.

I did it for 4 reasons. Their names are: Sophie, Aliyah, Kendra, and Trinity. Maybe someday, they won't get cheated. You do what you can do fighting these bastards. What is the old phrase? "Cheaters never win, and winners never cheat". Yep, that's it. We will see.

4 for 4, and In Liberty!
And I apologize for linking a coloring book to this site. But sometimes we need to grow down.