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Monday, October 25, 2010

Barack Obama And Progressive Liberals: The Breeder And The Bleeders

I have come to think of Barack Obama as what I term a breeder.

Obama is one who breeds the type of people that show nothing but contempt for America, one who breeds supporters that believe they are entitled to every one else's earned income, one who breeds the type of thinking that a country can spend their way out of debt, one who breeds like minded individuals that thinks the government has the right to enter every aspect of a citizens life and control it, how to eat, how to spend, how to speak and how to raise and educate our children.

Barack Obama's diehard supporters are those I term as bleeders aka far left progressive liberals.

Bleeders believe by simple virtue of a person's ability to make money means that same person should pay more to support government programs that support those that do not have the ability.

Not by way of 35% (example) of higher income translates to more money but that the higher the amount a person earns the percentage that they are forced to pay should go up because after all they have more money so why shouldn't government be able to take a higher percentage to support the masses and government spending.

People who believe that making a profit and living well is a punishable offense instead of the American dream.

Bleeders believe they have the right to, are entitled, to tell people what is good and what is bad for them. Example: Salt is bad, therefore should be banned, sugary drinks are bad therefore should be banned from certain areas or vending machines, etc...

Bleeders believe that the government can spend their way out debt, forgetting or simply ignoring that when one has massive debt there is no money to spend. They believe borrowing more will help them lessen their debt refusing to acknowledge or understand that all that does is increase the debt.

Bleeders believe they have the right to censor what people say in the name of political correctness. Those that disagree with their line of thinking and their politically correct speech, should be silenced or screamed over.

In short bleeders wish to bleed everything out of America that makes her great. Freedom of speech, freedom of choice, the right to keep the money a person makes and live well off of it if that person so chooses, the American dream so to speak.

This isn't about Republican vs Democrat.

Republicans and Democrats differ on policy issues, social, economic and foreign as expected in a two party system.

This is about the difference between Conservative, Independents, moderate Democrats versus far left progressive liberals.

With Barack Obama presiding over the passage of the most liberal agenda in America history and with the latest ideological polling from Gallup showing that 42 percent of Americans consider themselves conservative or very conservative and 35 percent consider themselves moderate and only 20 percent of Americans self identifying as liberal or very liberal, it is the smallest ideological group that Obama and the Democratically controlled House and Senate have bowed to and furthered that liberal agenda at the expense, and over the opposition of the majority of Americans.

Barack Obama has bred the most liberal legislation in the last two years and his supporters, the diehard Obama supporters, continue to complain that the legislation wasn't liberal enough, the spending not high enough, the stimulus not big enough, the health care plan not socialistic enough because it did not include the public option. The bleeders continue to whine that Obama/Pelosi and Reid have not bled America dry enough.

Is it any wonder that one week away from midterms, early voting numbers are still showing the enthusiasm gap favoring Republicans, the party that has promised to defund and/or repeal the most egregious of Obama's legislation, is still a major factor in what will happen on November 2, 2010?