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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Serious Ethical Journalistic Misconduct by Wapo/AP

Patterico's Pontifications has the details, a complete revision of an original story published at WAPO by the AP without any corrections noted.. they just changed the story after publishing lies.


How much did the left show its keister on O’Donnell’s alleged gaffe? So much so that the AP/WaPo story on the subject was almost completely rewritten last night, and without an official correction. After the break I will have screen caps and a cut and paste of the text of the article, but let’s start with just the first paragraph.

The piece at Patterico's Pontifications has complete screen shots of the original story and then the revisionist version, word counts on how much of the story was changed...not corrected, but completely altered without offering explanations or corrections.

Read it in it's entirety to see the documented proven misconduct and direct lies offered by Washington Post/AP.

Then head over to read Ace who gives those "Suckers of Cock" a piece of his mind and adds his take to this scandal in traditional Ace of Spades style.

I keep getting into this fight with readers.

Readers tell me, "The media lies; don't trust them." My response is usually "Well, they spin, they suppress, they distort, but they usually don't lie per se. A reporter who directly lies would be disciplined. Their own reputations mean too much to them to just flat-out lie."

I, the hyperpartisan crazy conservative blogger, keep taking the media's side on this point, of outright lying.

I keep being proved wrong by the Suckers of Cock I am defending.

Language warning but you know, it kinda flows when Ace does what the hell.