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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Audience Cites Pledge Of Allegiance Despite Moderators Refusal

I will simply show the story from The Daily Herald and some reactions after the video, but the video below itself is priceless (via Breitbart).

Daily Herald explains:

Brought in from the League of Women Voters Evanston branch because she doesn't live in the 8th Congressional District, Tate-Bradish handled the event at Grayslake Central High School that featured Democratic U.S. Rep. Melissa Bean of Barrington, the Green Party's Bill Scheurer and Walsh.

Tate-Bradish was asked whether the Pledge of Allegiance would be recited after she went over some ground rules and directed the candidates to make opening statements. The query came from a man in the audience.

As Tate-Bradish explained the debate was not scheduled to start with the pledge, almost all in the crowd of more than 300 stood and enthusiastically recited it anyway. Tate-Bradish, who joined in the pledge, issued a scolding when the crowd finished.

The moderator then said she was disrespected and afterwards when she was asked about it...well you can see that little interview at Founding Bloggers (H/T Gateway Pundit).

Rebel Pundit was on the scene, video camera in tow, and he confronted the woman who felt “disrespected”. He wanted to know what the moderator meant when she said she felt disrespected. Unsurprisingly, she has no answer for him.

Make sure to click over and watch that video as well.

Then, via Gateway Pundit, the man that asked the original question about whether they were going to cite the Pledge of Allegiance weighs in.

Read all the links and watch the video above and the one at Rebel Pundit/Founding Bloggers.