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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Who Is Smarter Than The Progressive Liberal Left? Sarah Palin Is!!!


Story: Sarah Palin referenced the 1773 Tea Party and members of the far left liberal progressive portion of the Democratic party decided to deride her for her lack of knowledge, it was tweeted, retweeted, reported on and generally the left were having a field day stating that Palin didn't know the date of the Tea Party.

Welllllllllllllllllllllllll, once they actually looked up the Tea Party, you know, using the dandy little thing called a SEARCH ENGINE..... the backtracking began.

But not until dozens of members of the left, starting with Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas decided to make complete asses of themselves and humiliating each and everyone that repeated his idiocy.

Jim Treacher is having a field day of his own with the moronic left.

Oh, okay. So she was talking about the modern-day Tea Party movement, and referencing the fact that the original Boston Tea Party was in 1773. Which most American kids learn in grade school, don’t they? Maybe Kos didn’t. Or maybe he just forgot. Or maybe he was too lazy to Google “1773″ and see “Boston Tea Party” right near the top of the results.

Or maybe he wasn’t being a snotty creep who thought Sarah Palin meant 1776 because he doesn’t know the most basic facts about the country he claims to love. Maybe he was genuinely praising her entirely accurate historical reference.

Nah! He’s just a dumb jerk who thought he had a gotcha and it blew up in his smirking face. And he’s not alone. Be sure to check out Cuffy’s post. He saved the evidence of all the other members of the intelligensia who embarrassed themselves in their rush to mock someone who knew something they didn’t. It is delicious.

All American Blogger has just as much fun using a picture essay... I must say, well done and LOL.

Palin definitely got the last laugh here.

Sidenote- The most humorous part of this whole episode is Sarah Palin didn't have to make the far left progressive liberals look stupid or as Cuffy so aptly put it, "blathering idiots" , they did it all by themselves by hanging on every word Sarah Palin utters.