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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Catch Phrase

Before I open this piece. Please stand, place your hand over your heart, and recite "The Pledge Of Allegiance. As told by the most famous comedian, and truest Patriot, Red Skelton. ALL words included, and explained.

Amazing Man, with the fore site of what we deal with today. We have become a people of Catch Phrases. No more brilliant soliloquy. Who knows where it started? "Hell No! We Won't Go!"? How about "I Like Ike"? I'm sure it was a lot longer back, probably to save time and space in the newspapers.
Catch phrase of the day seem to be, "The Last 8 Years". I'll counter, "The Last 2 Years!". We also have "We Warned You", "Miss Me Yet", "Hope And Change", "How Is That Change Working Out".
Many more,...but one of my faves is "Bumper Sticker Politics". (This one would not have worked 200 years ago)

But probably the oldest, and truest today, as in the past. "DON'T TREAD ON ME". It goes along with what Red was explaining about Government. We the people, are the Government. Not the other way around.
Maybe Barack should watch something like this. I doubt it happens, and wouldn't make a bit of difference if he did. But we can Hope! :)

In Liberty, and Freedom in 3 days.
VOTE! and tell your friends.

Had to add something.

Last Catch Phrase "Hell's Comin' With Me!" November 2nd, 2010