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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hispanic Robert Desposada To Hispanics: 'Don't Vote

The first video below is the translated version of the ad that Robert Desposada has produced telling Hispanics to not vote for Democrats that have broken their promises on immigration reform.

Below is the aid that is airing, in Spanish.

H/T Ben Smith.

TPM reports on an interview with Desposada:

"The Democratic party went to the Latino community and made solid promises that they would deliver immigration reform within a year," de Posada said. "Then they did nothing."

"People got very angry about the fact that you did not need bipartisan support for the health care bill, or for the stimulus, or for Wall St reform," but that immigration reform was a non-starter without GOP backing.

They also provide some background on the man behind the ad.

In an interview with TPM, Robert de Posada, founder of Latinos for Reform, said he's become equally disgruntled with both parties. His current goal, though, is to punish Democrats for failing to deliver on a promise to pass comprehensive immigration reform. And his CV includes a long list of affiliations with conservative immigration reform groups.

In 1994, according to de Posada, he helped create the Hispanic Business Roundtable, which later became the Latino Coalition, where he was president until 2007. He served as co-director with Dick Armey on Americans for Border and Economic Security, on George W. Bush's Social Security Commission, and as director of Hispanic affairs at the Republican National Committee until becoming disgruntled with the GOP and settling into conservative advocacy.

He founded Latinos for Reform during the 2008 campaign but only truly activated it recently.

This ad comes at a time when a survey from Pew Hispanic Center has shown that Hispanics favor Democrats in the upcoming elections but are less motivated than other voting blocs.

A survey by the Pew Hispanic Center over the past two months showed that Latinos said they would support Democrats over Republicans in congressional races by about a 3-to-1 margin, or 65 percent to 22 percent.

But the same poll found that only 51 percent of Hispanics surveyed said they are certain to vote, compared to 70 percent for U.S. registered voters as a whole.

“Hispanic registered voters appear to be less motivated than other voters to go to the polls,” said Mark Hugo Lopez, Pew Hispanic Center associate director.

The poll also found that Republican Latino registered voters are more likely than Democratic Latinos to participate, 44 percent to 28 percent.

Actual Pew Hispanic Center report found here.

Kind of seems like a waste of money to produce this ad when those numbers show many Hispanics are planning on sitting out the midterms anyway.