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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Harry Reid To Try To Pass DREAM Act During Lame Duck Session

Stunts like trying to pass the DREAM Act during the lame duck session (the time between the election and when new Senators take over their positions) is the exact type of disrespect Harry Reid has shown to the American public since he became Senate Majority Leader and why many want to see Sharron Angle defeat Reid in the Nevada Senate race.

“The DREAM Act would give a group of young immigrants here without immigration status through no fault of their own the chance to attend college, serve in the military and earn citizenship,” said Frank Sharry, executive director of America’s Voice. “These valedictorians, future scientists and future soldiers are Americans in all but paperwork, and we are thrilled that Senator Reid is committed to moving this common-sense measure before the end of the year.”

“We support and will be looking for viable efforts to pass the DREAM Act after the election,” said Center for American Progress Vice President for Immigration Policy Advocacy Angela Kelley. “In order for that to happen however, like-minded Republicans will have to step forward and show their support for this modest measure to provide relief to young people. There hasn’t been a lot to suggest that bipartisan constructive conversation on immigration is possible, but I’d love to be proven wrong.”

Notice how they use the term "young people"?

To be eligible for the DREAM Act, illegal immigrants must be between the ages of 12 and 35 at the time the bill is enacted.

Reid tried attaching the DREAM Act to the Defense Bill and it was filibustered and now he is promising to bring it back up during the lame duck session, amazingly enough, this announcement is made right before Tuesday's election... subtle huh?

Republicans that even consider joining in or helping this bill pass in any way, shape or form, during the lame duck session, would be smart to remember exactly what is happening to Democrats this election cycle by passing legislation the majority of Americans were opposed to. Because in 2012, I guarantee voters, the Republican's constituents WILL REMEMBER and will replace them also.

If Reid loses his reelection bid, he not only loses his Senator status in January but he can no longer damage our country with his back room deals and bribe and showing complete disdain for voters of this country by abusing his Senate Majority Leader status with these type of stunts.

In between November and January though, Reid could do a lot of damage unless we stay on our Senators and Representatives.