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Friday, October 10, 2008

Typo On Rensselaer County Ballots List Obama as 'Osama'

Officials from both sides of the aisle insist the typo was simply missed by elections officials from both political parties, but it is one whopper of a typo.

Evidently, ballots went out to approximately 300 voters where Barack Obama's name is listed as "Barack OSama."


But even the county Democratic election commissioner is apologizing for what he calls a terrible mistake.

McDonough said the absentee ballots went out to voters in Brunswick, Nassau, Sand Lake, Schaghticoke and Schodack with the error.

So far three people have called to point it out, he said. Those people will get new ballots sent to them.

One Sand Lake resident who caught the misspelling, and who asked to remain anonymous, was skeptical.

''It's a little suspicious and at least grossly incompetent,'' the voter said. "If I crossed out the name and wrote in the right spelling my ballot would be invalid."

Seriously, how could a mistake like that get passed election officials from both sides of the political aisle?