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Monday, October 27, 2008


Fresh off his upsetting interview with CBS3 in Philadelphia and the now famous interview with Barbara West in Orlando, Senator Joe Biden has banned blogger Sammy Benoit, the Yid With Lid, from anymore interviews with the Obama campaign.

"It was an overreaction said the Yid, as soon as I mentioned Marx he flipped out. I wasn't even talking about Karl Marx. I just asked him what his favorite Marx brothers movie was and he got all huffy. He slammed down his hand and said YOU MUST BE KIDDING"

Apparently the Senator from Delaware, mistook Benoit's movie question to the start of a debate of Obama's Redistribute the Wealth Tax Plan.

"So I thought I would Change the Subject," Said Benoit, " So I said Do You like the Three Stooges? And Biden Gets Crazy again. Are you talking about Reid, Pelosi and Obama?" I was stunned I didn't know what to say next. Er, so Senator, I tried, the weather is changing, I bet you the changing Leaves in Delaware must be beautiful"

"DID YOU SAY WEATHER Biden Screamed at me. All this talk of Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground, is a desperate attept to deflect the Issues."

"Biden really lost it when I tried to calm things Down. Senator Biden, I don't mean to upset you. Lets try something new."

"NEW ! DID YOU SAY NEW? Now you are talking about Senator Obama's Socialist and New Party Ties? THATS IT I AM OUT OF HERE!"

"And was it, he left the studio and I am frozen out" said Yid, "I didnt even get to ask him one question."