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Sunday, October 26, 2008

The American Democrat Party: Culture of Death

I have been saying this for years and folks just laughed and some just laughed it off. Some said that this too shall pass. To me, those that laughed for whatever reason are still in a state of insanity due to their purposeful neglect.

Recently, J.R. Dunn wrote a column entitled, "Democide". In that piece, in part:
"Over the past fifty years, something on the order of a half-million Americans have been killed by liberal policies."

That line appears to have gotten to people, as it should. Among the many welcome comments on my piece on Christopher Buckley, a number both on AT and elsewhere referred to that statement -- my contention that liberalism is not only a failed ideology, but a deadly one, an ideology that kills, and kills in large numbers. Many of the comments called it "incredible", "unbelievable" and "shocking".

That's in no way difficult to understand. Achieving awareness of the lethal nature of liberalism's excesses is much the same as coming to realize that your friendly, familiar neighborhood is actually overrun by vampires. [...]
Most of you that know me know that I am undertaking a project that proves the above beyond a reasonable doubt. The proponents of American Liberalism, no matter their stature in life and position are directly responsible for not only killing millions dying of Malaria, they have murdered entire generations of "voters"...they died of abortion. They are directly responsible for the deaths and wounding of American and Allied Forces in several wars and Police Actions, Iraq and Afghanistan being in the present tense.

I loathe them all. They disgust me. They cannot be trusted. Their ideologies have been attempted in many Nations and those principles of which they stand resulted in entire populations to be enslaved to the governments under which they lived and live and those governments have failed time and time again. Their system does not work. Period. It never has and it never will. Slavery - that is what the Democrat Party of the USA is all about. A historical search will bear that out, especially before, during and after the American Civil War.

But, that won't stop them. It is all about Power to these people. Nothing else matters. If our Troops are killed, maimed or wounded, they could care less. I have seen it first hand. If they can enslave the American Population, the more Power they will have.

Barack Obama is the Shining Example of the Culture of Death. He supports infanticide, no matter how he tries to spin it. He voted FOR infanticide and that is a matter of public record. He and his Goons can deny it all they want to...facts are facts and the record is the record. SPIN THAT.

The Vatican has declared the American Democrat Party as the Culture of Death. Joe Biden has been practically excommunicated from The Church. Nancy Pelosi was heavily and handily chastised by her Archbishop over her rewriting Vatican principles and history. Nancy now knows that history didn't start the day she was hatched.

The American Democrat Party is directly responsible for the MILLIONS of deaths following their cowardly retreat from Vietnam. They are directly responsible for American deaths in Vietnam. That is a historical fact. They can deny all they want to and spin as much as they want to but I bet they have a hard time explaining it all when the demons come.
[...] It will come as no news to readers of this site that liberal policies tend to fail. But some of them fail catastrophically. And when they do, they kill. They kill in large numbers. They have been killing for decades, and they will continue to kill for as long as we allow it.

The process is called democide, the murder of a populace by its own government. It can occur through malice, or indifference, or through incompetence. Almost always, it is instigated by an ideology -- fascism, Nazism, communism... and liberalism. According to Dr. R.J. Rummel, the sole scholar of democide (you'd think there would be droves of researchers working on such a critical topic -- but you'd be wrong), 262 million people have died by such means over the past century. Against that number, a half-million is a bagatelle, a drop in the bucket.

But it happened in our country. It happened in America. [...]
We can stop it and we can change things but we have to actually ACT and DO something and hopefully, we do it via the ballot box and getting our Vertical Alignment all squared away with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

For further reading, feel free to consult a minor collection of writings on the subject of Democrats and Terrorists.