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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Before Obamabots start screaming racism at my headline, it isn't my headline, so go blow your stack elsewhere. It is a headline from the National Black Republican Association email I just received, so direct your idiocy to them if you have a problem with a young black man stating his reasons why he won't vote for Obama.

Same reasons we have been stating for a very long time..... Obama's bad policy stances.

In the email was a simple YouTube URL, video below entitled "BTW I'm Voting For McCain / Palin."

This young man is a musician and he states loud and clear all the reasons why he is voting for McCain/Palin.

As he states, taxes are not a racial issue. Abortion is not a racial issue. The Second Amendment is not a racial issue...etc....

Here is a related video by the same guy, this one is only 1 minute 11 seconds, much shorter than the one above, but his points are clearly stated as to why he is a Republican.

[Update] as an added bonus just as a FYI, the new AP presidential poll among likely voters, shows Obama's lead down from 8 points to one point. AP usually goes the other way.