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Monday, October 20, 2008

Michelle Obama - African Press Update 10/20/08

African Press International (API) has announced that Pennsylvania attorney, Philip Berg will represent API against expected lawsuits from Barack and Michelle Obama.

API claims that they have a tape recording of a telephone call Michelle Obama made to API. In that alleged phone call, API claims that MO made some astonishing statements. For background and for the specific alleged comments, go here and here.

In addition to apparently representing API against the Obama's, Philip Berg filed a suit in a Philadelphia court against Barack Obama, The Democrat National Committee (DNC) and the Federal Election Commision (FEC) for release of proof of Barack Obama's citizenship. This lawsuit is on-going. For a video update, go here.

API said the following in today's edition:

For us in API we wanted to get the tapes released - aired by a news channel that has a good reputation in the US, one that has listeners interested in the elections.

API is not interested in selling the tapes to any network. Our demand is that the tapes must be aired unedited by the network that we finally select.
API reports that an email is circulating (read it at the above link) saying API is looking for monetary bidders for the tape, which they strongly deny.

Well...Philip Berg is a feisty attorney. We'll see what this brings