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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Media Matters 3: The CBC is OVER!

It is now official, for me at least. The CBC - affectionately called "the Mother Corp" by some, is now OLD news for me. I am done with them.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is the publicly funded media for Canada. For many, the CBC IS Canada. In many rural areas of the country, CBC radio is the only station they can tune in to; there are no other options.

Over the years, CBC Radio has been an integral part of my life, even to the point of proudly displaying a sticker created by a long ago "Save the CBC" when it was threatened with funding cuts. In this most recent federal election, Stephen Harper (re-elected minority government Prime Minister) caused an uproar - among the merry few - when he talked, again about cutting arts funding, labelling most arts projects "elitists" and "irrelevant to "ordinary Canadians." Loyal 'Mother Corp' fans raised their voices in protest across the land.

My loyalty to the CBC is now over....

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