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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Palin Speaks About Hillary Clinton: 'Barack Obama couldn't bring himself to pick the woman who got eighteen million votes in the primary'

Video below is Sarah Palin in Henderson Nevada, YouTube URL here.

On a stump speech in Nevada, Sarah Palin spoke to the women in the audience, standing on stage with two "higher-profile defectors from Sen. Hillary Clinton's camp -- Lynn Rothschild, a member of the Democratic Platform Committee, and Elaine Lafferty, a former editor-in-chief of Ms. Magazine," as well as others which included, Shelly Mandell, the president of the Los Angeles chapter of the National Organization for Women, Linda Klinge, the vice president of Oregon's NOW chapter and Prameela Bartholomeusz, a small business owner and member of the Democratic National Platform Committee.

Palin pointed to Obama's audacity and hypocrisy in not choosing nor vetting Hillary Clinton for the vice presidential spot on the Democratic ticket, despite the overwhelming support she had.

"When the time came to make a decision, Barack Obama couldn't bring himself to pick the woman who got eighteen million votes in the primary," Palin said of Obama's vice presidential pick, comparing it to the discrimination women face in the workplace every day. "The qualifications are there, but for some reason the promotion never comes ... You've got to ask yourself, why wasn't Senator Hillary Clinton even vetted by the Obama campaign?"

"Our opponents think they have the women's vote all locked up, which is a little presumptuous," she said, as the crowd's roar of approval drowned her out. "A little presumptuous, and only our side has a woman on the ticket."

The Sarah launched into more hypocrisy of Obama, who talks the talk, but doesn't walk the walk on equal rights for women:

"There is a difference between what Barack Obama says and what he does," she declared. "Out on the stump, he talks about things like equal pay for equal work, but according to Senate records, women on his staff get just 83 cents for every dollar that the men get. What is with that? Does he think that the women aren't working as hard? Does he think they're 17 percent less productive?"

"I know one senator who does pay women equal pay," she added, referring to McCain.

Another example of Barack Obama saying one thing but doing another, as has been habit on the campaign trail.

He speaks "feel good" words, but when compared with his actual voting record, those words are empty as his suit.

Candidates will say almost anything to get elected, but the only true gauge of what they are, how they vote, what they believe and the only accurate indicator of all of the above, is how they voted previously.

The truth is in the public voting records of the candidates, not the flowery words they hope you will believe when they speak.

Here is McCain on the issues and here is Obama on the issues.

Actions speak louder than words.