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Friday, October 10, 2008

I don't know Jack!

Canada is going to the polls in a federal election next week. Voting day is October 14th, and Canadians will trudge to the polls to see if we will elect yet another minority government. Unlike America, where the politicians seem to be campaigning forEVER, our election campaign officially lasts only six weeks. A short period, that only feels like forever.

We had an English language debate a while back, (Canada is officially bilingual, and a French debate was held days earlier,) and if you missed it, no need to worry. It was televised, by CBC of course, on the same night as the Palin/Biden debate aired south of the border. BIG decision - NOT! I did listen to both (kinda sorta) and was reminded, in the Canadian version, of schoolyard bullies, all yelling over each other....

Go read the rest at NewsBlaze here.

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