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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Shock and Awe: The Good People

If you look back over the last several articles posted here at Radarsite they all have one thing in common: they are all expressing the author's shock and awe. Shock that we can actually be this close to real disaster; and awe at the enormity of the forces pushes us toward this end. Nothing, I repeat, nothing, that we can do or say seems capable of altering this fateful plunge.

We, all of us writers and bloggers, have tried absolutely everything. We have enumerated scandal after scandal, all to no avail. We have tried but we can't do it. We cannot break out of this iron shell of denial, deceit and disinformation. It has become all too apparent now that we, the writers, are not going to be able to stop this rush to national ruin. Our only hope now lies with the people. All those regular people out there who may have never read a political blog or studied the Koran. All those people whose only access to the news and opinion has come from their regular in-the-tank-leftist media. These are the only people who can save us now. These good everyday people are our very last hope.

But thankfully, there is some precedent for this hope in our shared history. There have indeed been times when the people have spoken and the polls and the pundits were monumentally discredited and humiliated. It can happen. And it can happen again if these American voters sense something amiss, something in a candidate that just doesn't add up, some vague feelings of distrust or unarticulated suspicion that give them just enough pause to hold back that precious vote.

There is an unknown and unquantifiable element in the American psyche perhaps best characterized as good old-fashioned Yankee common sense. The pundits of course despise this notion. Because if it is true, it negates all of their profound pronouncements and their erudite predictions. It brings into question everything they have built their reputations on.

As much as I loathe the thought of it, I predict that nothing that any writer could possibly come out with in this next week will make a damn bit of difference to those poll numbers. Nothing. No matter how terrible or bizarre.

But on that one day, that one particular Tuesday, the American people will speak and what they might actually say could still shock the world. - rg

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