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Monday, October 20, 2008

'Joe the Plumber' Speaks

Joe 'the Plumber' Wurzelbacher was interviewed by Fox & Friends Sunday. It was an interesting conversation, below follows the video of it. Watch it and listen carefully - the man is humble, clearly upset and astonished by the media attention. He made some very valuable, good points and he said something in passing that's worth pointing out.

His main point is that he wants people to vote: his goal is to get 65% of Americans allowed to vote use that right.

About the attacks from Barack Obama, his running mate, and his supporters and allies in the media, Wurzelbacher said he found it a bit strange that Obama et al. are attacking him, trying to destroy him, in order to further Obama's political career. Why destroy a simple citizen, who just wants to work, earn a living, and take care of his family, Wurzelbacher wondered.

He also repeated his point that he only asked a question. The attacks, however, have clearly made him a bit fearful, and he's clearly afraid that other Americans may not dare ask presidential candidates any questions in the weeks, months and years ahead.

Wurzelbacher wondered why they focused on him, and not on Obama's answer and, not unimportantly, on issues "that matter to Americans."

Lastly, he was asked about "spreading the wealth around." "Should we spread the wealth around," Wurzelbacher was asked. "No we shouldn't." He then explained he believed in certain social programs, saying that when he was a kid, his family was on welfare for a while until they were 'back up' to their feet.

Watch Joe Speak: