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Friday, October 24, 2008

Are Hanging Halloween Displays Racial Or Just Hatefilled?

A few incidents with Halloween displays have come to my attention and like others I assumed that a dark mannequin hanging from a tree in Greenfield, Wisconsin, absolutely had to be racial in tone.

Natural assumption when some moron displays a noose with a dark figure hanging from it right?

This specific "display" was removed after outraged people complained saying they found it offensive and it hit the news.

Fair enough. Racial, hate ridden idiots do stupid things.

Black racists and white racists do stupid things, but why does one group get more attention than the other?

How about when a "display" shows John McCain dressed in a KKK outfit with another figure dressed as Barack Obama is displayed as running from him?

That racist too, on the other side of the coin?

How about when it is a white person "displayed" as hanging from a noose, like the one seen in the picture below, representing Sarah Palin?

So? Was this somehow "racially" motivated as well or can it be, just possibly, that there are hate filled idiots in this world who think the KKK, nooses and hanging well known figures out in their yards for so-called Halloween displays, are amusing?

If you call one racist, then what do you call the other examples?

Thanks to AM for the email with the Palin hanging figure.