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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Supporters Continue To Declare 'I Am Joe'

Quick recap:

Joe The Plumber is Joe Wurzelbacher and when Barack Obama came to his street, his driveway, Joe asked Obama a simple question about his tax plan, to which Obama made the comment heard around the world in saying "spread the wealth" which means income redistribution.

Now at Rallies, people are all showing up, plumbers, construction workers, teachers and bricklayers as well as hundreds of other occupations, all wondering why Obama's answer wasn't spoken about by the media, but instead they all attacked "Joe" for asking the question.

The McCain ad about Joe, via YouTube, and video below:

YouTube now has videos of people holding plungers, signs and protesting on behalf of "Joe".

Joe the Plumber Support-McCain Rally in Woodbridge,VA, YouTube URL here and video below:

"Joe The Plumbers" Protest, YouTube URL here and video below:

This next man wants to know why there is so much "venom" out there for Joe The Plumber and wants to know why everyone keeps attacking Joe, YouTube URL here and video below:

Obama Mocks Joe the Plumber, Crowd Laughs, Youtube URL here, video below:

Joe the Plumber Vs. Barack Obama - We Are Joe! YouTube URL here and video below:

There are I am Joe signs popping up everywhere, with a WUA reader even generating one for us yesterday:

(Click to enlarge- Sign made by reader Susan Bailey)

Seems good ole Joe has a fan club thanks to Obama, Biden, Obama supporters and the media's attempts to attack him for daring ask Obama a question!

More videos will be added as I go through them.

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