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Friday, October 24, 2008

Whoopi Goldberg Forgot To Pay Her Brain Bill AGAIN

Well just when you think that Caryn "Whoopi Goldberg" Johnson can't say anything dumber she surprise us once again. The "View" host, whose only real talent is standing between Robin Williams and Billy Crystal during Comic Relief, had previously claimed that the US needed to pass a law every few years for African Americans to continue to be able to vote (she never heard that there was a constitutional amendment passed 150 years ago), now claims that terrorists have become more radical only because of President Bush.

Funny how this week we observed the 25th anniversary of the bombing of the military barracks in Beirut. Or During the Carter Administration the current president of Iran was taking over Iran. Man OH Man, Either Ms. Johnson is part of some sick TV prank or the woman is part of some secret CIA experiment in Artificial Stupidity, nobody can be this stupid naturally..can they? Read the transcript by Clicking HERE.