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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Incredible: Murtha Unhinged - Racists and Rednecks

I try and stay away from writing about John Murtha because every time I do, I feel soiled and violated and no matter how much I scrub and no matter how many times I shower, the filth doesn't seem to be gone. The man is a lout and he disgusts me and besmirches the names of the Troops all for the Almighty Political Power.

He destroyed the lives and the careers of eight of his "fellow" Marines for political expediency and he is one of the subjects in my research in my quest to expose the Dems and Terrorists Syndrome or, DTS. All but one Marine have been exonerated and hopefully the last one will also be cleared...he was once but someone is now trying to save face. Pathetic.

Anyway, we have all heard by now that he made the claim that Western Pennsylvania was a racist area namely because Obama is doing poorly there and since he made that statement, Barack began to fair worse. Murtha then went on and said that he really didn't mean what he said. He is a typical member of the Leftinistra and as Jim O'Neill stated in his article at Canada Free Press in regards to Obama, Murtha is now in the SOP mode by conducting himself as follows: "Obfuscate, misdirect, and downplay all dangerous questions, but most importantly, simply deny." Murtha is in the OWM...Official Waffle Mode. It isn't working.

Murtha canceled the scheduled debate with his opponent LTC William Russell, of whom Cyber Pastor and myself had lunch with him in DC during a Vets For Freedom event. I also accompanied, by invitation, LTC Russell and at least two Haditha Marines to Murtha's office in DC. At first, he wasn't there but then we learned he was there and did not have the time to visit with his constituents but later on had the time to meet with Code Skank. The man, and I use that term very loosely, is a coward. I was there when LTC Russell issued the Debate Challenge to one of Murtha's "helpers" there in his office and heard for myself that "Rep Murtha always puts the Troops first".

All of us in the group mentioned that we are the Troops and we didn't see it that way.

Now, in light of his political cowardice of not visiting with his constituents that oppose his standings and will meet with constituents and non-constituents that agree with him, and having lied about the Haditha non-Massacre, and calling his constituents racists and then "un-calling" them that, he cancels his debate with LTC Russell. And now...and now the worthless toad Murtha has come out and shot himself in the foot one more time. His district is now not racists but they are rednecks.

From Saleno Zito of the Forty-Fourth Estate:
On the heels of telling the Pittsburgh Tribune Review that racism would play into the vote in Western Pennsylvania for president next month, Rep. Jack Murtha told local Pittsburgh television station WTAE that it's difficult for many in the area to change, saying just five to 10 years ago the entire area was "redneck."

You have to wonder how residents of Pennsylvania like the descriptive phrases that have been piled on in the past few months. First, it was bitter and God and gun clinging, then it was racist, now they are rednecks.

In an interview with reporter David Brown at the Trib today, John McCain took exception to the “good people in Western Pennsylvania’ being framed as racists.

"I'm going to tell people in Western Pennsylvania that I don't believe they are racists, as Congressman Murtha alleges," said McCain, in the interview. He called the comment "disgraceful." Murtha, a Johnstown Democrat, has apologized for the racist comments.

Murtha last week said that a racist mindset in Western Pennsylvania could cost Obama as much as four percentage points at the polls.

"Congressman Murtha made inexcusable statements. I'm glad he apologized but that's the nature of Congressman Murtha,” McCain said. "Why anybody would say that about the good people in Western Pennsylvania or anywhere else in America is utterly inexcusable."

No word on McCain’s feelings about rednecks.
Well, I know how he feels about it and so does everyone else. Murtha doesn't and Murtha is in a panic. Nothing will please me more than watching Murtha pack his crap and move out of DC.

The following are articles, pieces and posts I have read to develop the above post and no authors were injured in the development:

Vets 4 Russell, Weasel Zippers, Pat Dollard, CEM, Ace, CR, NB, BF, MM, GP, Ace, HA, TCB, PL, drillanwr,

Yid With Lid wrote this a while back in regards to Murtha...
"You can wipe the rest of your life Mister, you will never wipe off that yellow stain"-Caine Mutiny

At the end of the Caine Mutiny, Jose Ferrer delivers that classic line as he flings a glass of champagne into Fred McMurray's face. The reason for the outburst was McMurray's character's cynicism.

It is not often that one can call a former US Marine a COWARD, but John Murtha fits that bill. He is a disgrace to congress, but even worse, he is a disgrace to that uniform that he once wore. Not only did he commit slander against US Troops in Iraq saddling them with false massacre charges but he also called his constituents RACISTS. Now he is refusing to debate his challenger, Army Lt. Col. Bill Russell: [...]
Bingo and Roger That.

More at Pittsburgh News with video here...and the Power Line post linked above is gathering data that may be pointing to a LTC Russell win over Murtha, Saints be Praised!